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Self-Directed Steps to Success

  1. Decide to Take Control

  2. Commit to the Process

  3. Build a Team

  4. Describe the Dream

  5. Make Goals, Roles and
      Expectations Clear

  6. Consider All Available Supports

  7. Identify Funding Options and  

  8. Try Choices On for Fit

  9. Decide How to Spend Support Dollars

10. Develop Strategies to Stay on Course

11. Live the DREAM

Pierce, Jones & Associates

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Making the right connections.

Welcome to Pierce, Jones & Associates!  Our mission is to serve as part of your team to point individuals with developmental disabilities toward success -- in fact a whole series of successes -- from becoming more employable, to getting the latest information on Social Security benefits, to learning how to manage wealth or prepare for emergencies.

Please call if you have questions or need information. Our Pierce, Jones and Associates support team can show you the way to get where you want to go. Using a team approach we'll walk through the steps with you. If you're a person with a developmental disability, a family member or friend, we'll help you build a Support Team to meet your goals and accomplish your dreams.

Kyle Ellis had always dreamed of being a hair stylist. He chose Pierce, Jones & Associates because he needed to put together a team who could help him make his dream a reality. Kyle didnít just want a job coach, he needed to find a hair stylist who could be trained to be his job coach, and that is what Pierce Jones & Associates did. After assembling Kyleís team which included his supportive parents, Karen Pierce, DVR, DDD, and his new job coach through Enso, Kyle was ready to start his own business. He rented a station for three years and decided it was time to take the next step.

Kyle is now the proud owner of Steppin' Out Salon in downtown Port Angeles.

Learn more. Pierce, Jones & Associates LLC, is located at 210 Center Park Way, in Sequim, Washington. Contact us by email at Karen@piercejones.net (for Karen Pierce) and Randi@piercejones.net (for Randi Jones) or call us at 360.582.9965